1 May 2011 09-12

Philip Chan, Kyaw Zayar Thant and Devvrat Katechia are graduates of the Glasgow University Medical School. They created the Peer-Assisted Learning Initiative as final year undergraduates in 2010.

PALI holds peer-led teaching courses and produces educational material for Glasgow medical students. They feel that peer-assisted learning is an invaluable method of teaching, as it benefits not only the recipients of the tuition but also those delivering the teaching as well. PALI also serves as a fantastic opportunity for undergraduates to gain valuable formal teaching experience early on in their careers.

Since its creation in 2010, PALI has been successively spearheaded by new groups of final year students each year. It has now expanded to include OSCE revision courses for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and final years, a finals revision lecture series, a 168-page “Clinical Years Companion”, and a comprehensive set of OSCE mock mark schemes with associated notes.

PALI 5th Year Working Committee (2016/17):

Andrew Smart, Sarah McCarrison and Victoria Armour


PALI 5th Year Working Committee (2015/16):

Laura MacDonnell, Maddy Whyler and Iyare Nehikhare


PALI Postgraduate Working Committee (2015/16):

Tom Aitken: tomaitken@peerassisted.org

Ally Young: ally@peerassisted.org

Beth Thomas: beth@peerassisted.org

Nigel Chan: nigel@peerassisted.org

Susan Wallace: susan@peerassisted.org

PALI Steering Committee:

Philip Chan: philip@peerassisted.org

Devvrat Katechia: dev@peerassisted.org

Kyaw Zayar Thant: kyaw@peerassisted.org